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Calling for Young Writers! 青年寫作大賽召集令!


作为吃货的您是不是已经吃遍了墨尔本的中西美食啦?在心里是不是也有自己的美食榜单啦?现在, AES澳专连同WE MAGAZINE 举办青年写作大赛/Young Writer Competition, 只要您与您的作品满足以下要求,即可投稿啦!

• 您需要在16-25岁之间
• 作品字数在400字之内
• 中英文作品皆可
• 作品内容需关于墨尔本饮食文化,如餐厅介绍、食物介绍或者对墨尔本美食文化的见解。


• 一等奖-奖金$300+William Angliss Institute Short Course Vouchers
• 二等奖-奖金$200+惊喜礼券
• 三等奖-奖金$100+惊喜礼券

完成作品后可直接将个人资料以及参赛作品电邮至,题目请记得标示 “Young Writer Competition" 哦~~~


YWC- final (printing)

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AES x IMPACT Badminton Graded Championship Charity & Fundraising Event!

AES x IMPACT Badminton Graded Championship Charity & Fundraising Event – DONATION TO GUIDE DOGS VICTORIA

Beloved Friends

Would love to share this meaningful event with you. We are having a Badminton Competition this coming Saturday to raise funds for Guide Dogs Victoria. There are 4 ways you can help.

1. Join the competition
Please download the Form as attached and email to Mr. Michael Loong on or contact Michael on 0401 404 187 for details

This is an Open Championship so if you are a professional player and have your Badminton Victoria ID number, this can help you get points or you can just take it as an exercise with friends for some social hits.

Admission Fee: One Game – $25 or Two or more games – $50

2. Buy the Lucky Draw Ticket for $2 each
Prizes are badminton gear sponsored by some big sporting brands.

3. Just Donate to the DOG
It’s now located in our office at Level 4, 258 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne and we will bring it with us on the day of the event. Feed it with your LOVE & money please!

4. Buy a cute Little Puppy Toy and Pin from Guide Dogs Victoria ($5 bucks for both)

They are currently residing in our office at Level 4, 258 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. Please come and make a donation to bring them home.

Every Dollar Counts!
Together we can CHANGE the world and make it a Better Place

Please contact us on 96543409 or 0433451711 to make contribution! Thanks!

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Temporary pause in Victorian state nomination system

The Live in Victoria website is undergoing a major technology upgrade. As a result the State visa nomination applications system will be disabled from 9am Monday 27 October 2014 and will be operating by Monday 3 November 2014.

Please note that applicants and agents will be unable to submit applications for State visa nomination during this time.

The processing of applications recently lodged and already in the system will also be temporarily paused during this time, as our representatives will be unable to access the system while the upgrade is being undertaken.

The Skilled and Business Migration Program will also be unable to answer queries about the progress of applications while the system is down.

The Significant Investor Services Directory and the Overseas Skills Registry application forms will also be unavailable.

We encourage applicants and agents to lodge submissions or make any applications enquiries before the temporary outage.

We apologise to applicants and agents for any inconvenience caused while we make these important system improvements.

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Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda

The Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda – An action plan for a stronger Australia has been released by the Federal Government.

The Agenda outlines proposals for lifting productivity, ensuring gains to economic and jobs growth, developing a better skilled labour force, lowering production costs, increased and improved infrastructure and cuts in red tape.

Proposals relevant to migration include the implementation of reforms to the 457 visa and enhancements to the investor visa programme.

Agenda Proposal 11: Streamlining the subclass 457 visa programme: recommends implementation of the following recommendations of the Independent Review into the integrity of the 457 visa system:

streamline the processing of sponsorship, nomination and visa applications around risk-factors to reward low-risk applicants and re-focus compliance and monitoring activities on high-risk applicants;
reform sponsorship requirements to reduce the time and cost to businesses; increase the sponsorship approval period from 12 to 18 months for start-up businesses, to give start-ups more time to build their businesses to ensure sustainability;
provide greater flexibility in relation to English language testing and skill requirements for 457 applicants, to ensure that the standards required are appropriate for the industries and occupations being sought; and
retain the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold at $53,900, ahead of a future review of its operation.

Agenda Proposal 12: Expanding the investment visa programme: expands the significant investor visa programme and introduces a new Premium Investor Visa

streamline and enhance visa processing, further promote the programme globally and strengthen integrity measures, to increase the attractiveness of investing and settling in Australia while ensuring Australia’s interests are protected;
align the criteria for eligible (or ‘complying’) investments with the Government’s national investment priorities. The investment eligibility criteria will be determined ​by Austrade in consultation with key economic and industry portfolios;
introduce a Premium Investor visa (PIV), offering a more expeditious, 12 month ​pathway to permanent residency than the SIV, for those meeting a $15 million ​threshold; and
task Austrade to become a nominating entity for SIV (complementing the current State and Territory governments’ role as nominators) and to be the sole nominating ​entity for PIV.

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Expired Syrian passports added to unacceptable travel document list

Legislative Instrument – IMMI 14/073 – F2014L01319 – Migration Regulations 1994 – Specification of Class of Passports, prevents non citizens holding unacceptable documents being granted a visa.

This Instrument amends the current list to included expired Syrian passports, that have been extended in validity via a label or other endorsement by the Syrian National Coalition, as unacceptable travel documents.

This Instrument revokes IMMI 13/032 and commences on 6 October 2014.

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Temporary Graduate Visas – corrections to Regulations

Select Legislative Instrument – SLI 2014, No 145 – F2014L01320 – Migration Amendment (Temporary Graduate Visas) Regulation 2014 makes technical amendments to correct the unintended consequences of previous Schedule 2 & 3 Regulation changes.

The requirement to obtain a favourable skills assessment by an applicant for the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa is corrected to a time of decision criterion.

The title of the subclass has been corrected in Item 1229 of Schedule 1 to the Regulations.

This Instrument commences 2 October 2014.

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As of 13 October 2014 clients who want to lodge a visa application in Hong Kong must attend the new Visa Application Centre in Hong Kong

Our office in Hong Kong manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. It has a Service Delivery Partner agreement with VFS Global to provide Australian visa lodgement services in Hong Kong through an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).

This Service Delivery Partner (SDP) is a commercial company working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Australian visa application services, including:

pre-lodgement enquiries
visa application lodgement
application tracking
return of decisions/passports

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Significant Investor Update – Victoria

The Victorian Government’s October 2014 Significant Investor Update has been released

This update provides information from the Victorian Government on their activities to support and attract investor migrants to Victoria, through the Business Innovation and Investment Program’s Significant Investor Visa stream.

This edition contains the following information:

Reforms to Significant Investor and 457 visa programs
Significant Investor nomination update
Victoria’s flexible visa nomination requirements
Victoria’s new feature web page for Chinese Significant Investors
Significant Investment Managers’ seminar
Victoria’s new Commissioner in Greater China
Information resources for Significant Investors
Significant Investor Services Director