AES Melbourne Profile


Australia Education Services Pty Ltd (ABN: 52 112 004 261) first founded in 2004 in Melbourne and it was Australia’s first batch of registered Education and Migration services agency. After more than 10 years of efforts,  AES Melbourne has been rewarded the membership of Australia Future Unlimited and English Australia Partner Agency, and AES has developed from a consultancy agency into an industry Group across all levels of education and migration industries. As the Group’s headquarter, Australia Education Services Pty Ltd assesses each client’s individual background in order to explore their potentials and break through the boundaries. It is with the wealth of experience and quality services that AES has helped her clients achieved their education and migration dreams.

As Australia’s leading education and migration Services Company, AES is not merely a consulting agency, but is also willing to be the students’ life coach. Therefore, we have a number of senior professional advisors who design tailored education pathways, and have helped tens of thousands of clients achieved their Australian education dream. We are not simply helping them to apply for universities and courses, but rather, we need to truly understand the individual background and circumstances of each student so that we could better help them to choose the most suitable course based on analysing the strengths and drawback of the course as well as future direction and employment prospects.

Meanwhile, AES’ experienced registered migration agents of AES assist clients in assessing their overall circumstances, while giving full consideration to the situations of the clients and their families who had newly migrated to Australia, and providing ‘one-stop’ services – from looking for quality accommodation to employment opportunities, to finding quality schools for clients’ children, to finding banks and accountants taking care of the whole investment process, so that our clients could feel warm and at ease as soon as they step foot on the Australian land. Therefore, AES is not a by-passer on our clients’ life journey, but a friend who hold hands with the clients to live and progress together in this beautiful country.

Our Vision
As the most professional and authoritative education and migration agency, AES is willing to help all who have dreams, treat your future as our future, to achieve their education and migration dreams!
Our Mission
Professional Oriented-Practical rigorous; improving-driven, Service Oriented-Whole-heartedly, fast and efficient, Customer Oriented-Planning Australia education and migration pathway from clients' perspective.
Our Goal
Providing the most authoritative industry standards; Providing the most professional quality services; Providing the most considerable pathways.

Your Future Is Our Future!