Australians show overwhelming support for migration

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Australians show overwhelming support for migration

9 in 10 Australians think immigrants improve Australian society and many think the migration levels should be increased or kept the same at least.


A poll of 1200 Australian adults in March this year has found that an overwhelming number of Australians believe that immigrants improve Australian society, according to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald today.


The figures from the annual poll conducted by the Australian National University also found that over 80 per cent of Australians think immigrants are good for the economy.


Less than a third thought immigrants take jobs away from people born here and a similar number felt immigrants increased crime levels.


The main area of objection is with illegal immigrants. Under half of those polled felt that the current measures against illegals are inadequate and agreed that Australia should take “stronger measures to exclude illegal immigrants”.


About a third however disagreed on the need for stronger measures.


The poll also asked questions about what it means to be Australian. People were actually quite flexible about this.


“Those polled thought that respecting Australian laws and political institutions (96 per cent), being able to speak English (92 per cent) and feeling Australian (87 per cent) were more important than being born in Australia. They also had notions of identity that went beyond the nation. While 90 per cent said they felt close to Australia, 48 per cent said they felt close to Asia/ Oceania” according to the report.


Despite looking to Asia, many Australians are also continuing to look to Great Britain, with 44 per cent of those polled saying the Queen and Royal Family are very or fairly important to Australia.


Support for a republic has dropped from 66 per cent before the referendum in 1999 to 54 per cent today.


Source: Migration Alliance

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